Blueberry Plants for the Home Gardener

Blueberries being handpicked

Planting Instructions 2022

The folks at Bluegrass Blueberries are dedicated in growing and providing healthy blueberry plants at a great price. We specialize in blueberry plants and aim to grow a wide variety of Northern and Southern High Bush as well as  Rabbit Eye varieties. If you would like to purchase bare root blueberry plants now, please “click here” to view our online selection. If you would like to visit our nursery and purchase container grown blueberry plants, or have us deliver them to you “click here” to see our prices and selection of our 1,2, and 3 gallon container blueberry plants.

We also have many “how to” videos on how to raise blueberry plants, transplanting or containerizing, preparing the soil, spraying, as well as other videos. Feel free to roam our “Blueberry Plants for Home Gardeners” section to see how you can start, grow, and enjoy the fruit of your blueberry plants.

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