Free Blueberry Growers Class For Nurseries & Garden Centers

Bluegrass Blueberries has been growing blueberry plants for many years and offer a free blueberry growing class that would be great for nurseries or garden centers who are wanting to know more about growing blueberry plants at their nursery or garden center. The class will involve how to transplant blueberry plants, what ways are best to water blueberry plants for nurseries and garden centers, how to get the best growth from blueberry plants, what fertilizers and sprays to use, and we are always open to questions and look to help you any way we can with adding blueberry plants to your existing nursery or garden center. The class usually lasts 1.5-2 hours  and is full of information on how to get the maximum growth to your blueberry plants for others at your nursery or garden center.  Fill out the form below or call (270) 432-5836 to sign up for a free blueberry plant growing class.



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