Free Classes For Blueberry Farms

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The folks at Bluegrass Blueberries offer a free blueberry production class for those looking to be blueberry farmers, existing blueberry farmers, or those who are possibly going to be buying a blueberry farm. The class will involve the best economical way to start a blueberry farm, how to install a blueberry farm, how to water, mulch, prune, fertilize, spray, and maintain a blueberry farm, what varieties you should buy, how to pick blueberries, and how to market your blueberries. The classes are approximately 1.5-2 hours chock full of information for the success of planting your blueberry farm.  Fill out the form below and choose a date or “contact me when there is a class in my area” from the drop down menu.
In addition to the In-Person Class all are welcome to attend, we will also offer free blueberry grower class as live video for those who may not be able to attend in-person. Please email us if you would like to watch live, and we will be sure and send you the link info before the class airs at 10am CST.

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