Organic Spray Guide for Blueberry Plants

The following Organic Spray Guide is a recommendation only and not one that we are currently using. For our current spray and fertilize guide, click here: BluegrassBlueberriesFertilize&SprayGuideMontysPlantFood 

Keep in mind it is best to spray early in the morning or late in the evening so that the blueberry plant leaves do not get burned.This is a spray guide that we have followed in the past and may be of interest to you if you are solely organic in practice. We would recommend continued research for new products and field study successes within the blueberry industry.


Spray Trilogy when fruit buds start to swell(right before they bloom). Then spray once more 10 days after spraying the first time.


Treating Fungus : During the summer months you should rotate between Serenade, Trilogy, and Oxidate 2.0 to prevent fungus. For instance spray Serenade one week, Trilogy the next, Oxidate 2.o after that, and then back round to Serenade. Staying on top of this schedule should prevent fungus.  You can also use serenade through drip irrigation and it will help prevent for Phytophthora. This is only needed for the first two years. After the first two years the blueberry plant roots should grow faster than Phytophthora.

            Treating Insects:  During the summer you should check your plants for bugs or worms there are three treatments that can be used for insects. Conserve SC can be used to kill Japanese beetles or spotted wing drosophila. DiPel can be used to kill worms. PyGanic can be used to kill grasshoppers and other insects that can be harmful to blueberry plants. PyGanic, Conserve SC, and DiPel should only be used as needed.

            To Promote Berries: Right after all fruit has been harvested Fertrell Berry Mix Blend can be used to promote a higher yield with blueberry bushes.


            Treating Insects: During the fall you could again have problems with insects. Use PyGanic for grasshoppers and other insects, and use DiPel for worms.

Winter- We do not use any dormant oils in the winter for our blueberry plants.

We are not held liable if your plants still do not survive, or if they do not thrive when using this spray guide.  It is important to always use the ratios recommended on the container that the fertilizer, insecticide, or fungicide that you have. Contact Deerfield for pricing at 866-450-2425.

There are always new things we are trying so we will try to keep you updated as we find new products that work great with blueberry plants. One thing we have found to be beneficial are worm castings. Contact Jason (Lextington, KY) 859-963-6944 for worm castings. 

The worm casting recipe is :

2/3 cup worm castings

1 gallon water

1 T. molasses


Place worm castings in a nylon sock. Percolate in water and molasses for 24 hours using an air compressor or your choice of air supply. After 24 hours, filter the tea into a sprayer. Spray entire plant and base within 18 hours. Repeat 3 times a year.