How To Plant Blueberry Farms

The actual planting of a blueberry farm can actually go quite quick. However, preparing for a planting can take some time. If you have tested your soil, tilled your rows, added your soil amendment, and hilled your rows, you are now ready to plant your blueberry farm. When we plant a blueberry farm we use a planter.(see picture) The planter works best when one person is driving the tractor and two people are sitting on the planter. The tractor will drive very slow while the planter digs the hole. After the planter digs the hole the people who are planting simply place the blueberry plant on the ground. At the back end of the planter there are two tires that pack in the dirt around the blueberry plants. When using this planter three people can easily plant an acre in a day.

If you would like to rent out our planter please contact the office at (270) 432-5836.

This is a picture of our own farm planting. As you can tell before we planted we hilled the rows for drainage. We recommend blueberry farms having rows  about 10 ft. apart and there should be a 4ft. spacing between each blueberry bush. For a u-pick blueberry  farm it may be better to do 6 ft. spacing between each blueberry bush so that it would be easier for pickers to get around the plants. Otherwise there will be blueberries that get overlooked as the u-pickers are picking.

If you were to plant 10ft. rows by 4ft. you could get approximately get 1,089 plants.

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