How To Prune Blueberry Farms

There are two ways to prune your blueberry farm depending on the age of your farm. If it is a newly established blueberry farm you may trim some of the bottom of the plant so that it allows for more top growth. Also if you see any branches growing into the middle of the blueberry plant, or touching another branch you may want to go ahead and prune it off as well.

If you have a mature blueberry farm you will want to trim the dead shoots as well as the unproductive branches so that the blueberry plant will produce more berries. Any canes that are over 7 years old should be trimmed back to the base of the plant. The best fruiting years from a blueberry cane are 3-6 years of age.

Each blueberry plant should have about 6-12 Canes. When trimming you should leave at least 6 canes, but you don’t want more than 12. When trimming some of the top stems the unproductive limbs without many fruit buds, or vegetative buds should be taken out. Limbs with a lot of fruit buds and vegetative buds should be left. Any limbs that are growing into the blueberry plant should be removed. 

The best time to prune your blueberry plants is during the winter, preferably right before spring arrives.

We will have video’s on pruning our blueberry farm soon.

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