Blueberry Soil Preparation for Home Gardeners

Amending Soil with Peat Moss and Pine Fines

Mixing Pine Fines and Peat Moss

After you have received your soil sample you can decide whether or not you need your soil to be more acidic, or if it is already in good condition. If it is not quite acidic enough there is a great organic product that can be bought on amazon that you can apply to the area you will be planting. It is called Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier, 6-Pound.

Always use the instructions that come with the Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier when using. Be sure NOT to allow the Espoma soil acidifier to come into direct contact with the roots of the blueberry plant. Another product that we are actually now shipping online and selling at our nursery is from the Fertrell Company. It is an all organic and has minerals including sulfur that can help aide with the acidity of the soil. It is called Holycare  and comes in a 10 pound bag.

Blueberry Soil Preparation - Bluegrass Blueberries

There are also two kinds of organic material that should be mixed into the ground prior to planting. There should be a mixture of 50% pine fines and 50% peat moss. The peat moss helps to retain moisture as well as keeps the soil acidic. The pine fines allow the soil to drain and is also a good acidifier. These can be bought at our blueberry nursery in Oakland, KY. A 3.8 cubic bag of peat moss can be bought for 15.50$ and our pine soil conditioner or pine fines can be bought for 4.50$ a bag. One bag of peat moss is the equivalent of about 4 bags of pine fines. You can plant several plants with 1 bag of peat moss and 4 bags of pine fines. What size plants you are planting will determine how many you can plant with this amount of peat moss and pine fines. The general rule is 1 bale of peat moss and 4 bags of pine fines will allow you to plant about 10 blueberry plants into the ground.

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