The folks at Bluegrass Blueberries love growing blueberry plants.  Our goal is to grow healthy, vibrant blueberry bushes for all budgets ~ from the homeowner to the commercial farmer.

Our container varieties include but are not limited to: Northern High Bush –  Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Blue Jay, Duke, Northland, Patriot, Toro, Early Blue, Chandler, Elliot, Legacy, Berkeley, Nelson and Southern High Bush – Misty, Sharp Blue, O’Neal and Biloxi. All retail prices listed below are for quantities under 100. Please call our office for wholesale ordering of container stock. Online purchasing/shipping of container stock is limited. We would be happy to provide you a quote for shipment of containers by calling our office!

1 gallon – $6

2 gallon – $11

3 gallon – $16

 Delivery Fee

We now are happy to offer delivery to your door. Our delivery service is a great way to get the plants in the size you want without the high cost of freight shipping. Delivery includes the labor required for loading and unloading, and requires a recipient at the delivery location upon arrival. If your delivery location exceeds 300 miles, we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote to fit your needs. Price is calculated one-way within a 300 mile distance. Please call our office for more information! (270) 432-5836. Delivery Service – $1.50/mile, one-way within a 300 mile distance. *Price for volumes in excess of 1,000 may be assessed at $2.00/mile.