Containerizing Blueberry Plants for Home Gardeners

Containerizing Blueberry Plants

Mixing Peat Moss and Pine Fines

If you order blueberry bare root plants from us online, or buy some at our blueberry nursery it is likely that you may want to containerize them so that the root system can grow before planting. Or it may be that you want to plant it in a large container so that you can move it where you want. Blueberry Plants can actually do quite well in a large container and live a long time.

When containerizing your blueberry plants you will want to mix the soil with half peat moss and half pine fines. The peat moss helps to retain moisture and the pine fines help with drainage. This allows for a perfect mixture for soil and the acidity is just right for blueberry plants. When you mix the soil together you will want to get it moist, this allows everything to break apart and mix well. Once you have the right consistency simply put it in your container and plant the plant. It is important to cover the roots with the soil, but not to bury the base of the blueberry plant.

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