How to Plant Blueberry Plants for Home Gardeners

Planting a Bare Root Blueberry Plant

Planting a Container Blueberry Plant

If you are a home gardener wanting to plant a blueberry plant in your yard the first thing you should do is make sure that your soil is right and you have the right soil amendments.

If that is all prepared properly you will dig a hole that is just a little deeper than the root ball, and at least twice as wide. Blueberry roots like to spread out rather than down so it is very important to make sure it is much wider.

After digging the hole add your soil amendment of peat moss and pine fines then mix in some of the natural dirt with the soil amendment. Scratch some of the roots (if you are planting a container plant) so that they will be stimulated and grow outwards, then place the blueberry bush inside the hole.

Make sure that the base of the plant is a little higher than the ground level. After placing the blueberry bush in the hole fill in with the mixture of peat moss, pine fines, and the natural soil there in your yard.

Make sure all of the exposed roots are covered and the plant is firmly pressed into the ground.

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