Where to Plant Blueberry Plants for Home Gardeners

Blueberries can grow in many different terrains and with varied amounts of sunlight. They are natural to many parts of the United States especially the mountains. In the mountains they generally grow in very shaded conditions, however they usually don’t thrive in those situations. The best possible scenario for a blueberry bush is to have morning and mid-day sun with afternoon shade. They can survive in full shade however it will greatly limit the amount of berries produced. Blueberry bushes can also handle full sun as long as they are getting adequate water. So for a home gardener afternoon shade would be perfect, full sun will work as long as the blueberry bush is getting the water it needs, and in full shade conditions it would still survive but not produce very well.

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Blueberry plants can be tricky project. Prevent poor performing blueberry plants to get great healthy blueberry plants with the class!

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