Did you know that blueberry plants are considered one of the most disease-resistant of small fruit plants?

However, Bluegrass Blueberries recommends a good practice, prevention, and treatment program to stay “one step ahead” of pests and disease. Visit our PDF links below for professional recommendations from leading Universities. As Ben Franklin said well, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Click Here for the Midwest Blueberry Production Guide Click Here to view Organic Alternatives from Cornell University

Worm Casting Tea recipe

2/3 cup worm castings

1 gallon water

1 T. molasses


Place worm castings in a nylon sock. Percolate in water and molasses for 24 hours using an air compressor or your choice of air supply. After 24 hours, filter the tea into a sprayer. Spray entire plant and base within 18 hours. Repeat 3 times a year.

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