Spray Guide Publications for Blueberry Plants

Did you know that blueberry plants are considered one of the most disease-resistant of small fruit plants?

However, Bluegrass Blueberries recommends a good practice, prevention, and treatment program to stay “one step ahead” of pests and disease.

As Ben Franklin said well, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Worm Casting Tea recipe

2/3 cup worm castings

1 gallon water

1 T. molasses


Place worm castings in a nylon sock. Percolate in water and molasses for 24 hours using an air compressor or your choice of air supply. After 24 hours, filter the tea into a sprayer. Spray entire plant and base within 18 hours. Repeat 3 times a year.

Contact us or Jason (Lexington, KY) 859-963-6944 for worm castings.

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