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Patriot Blueberry Plants 2 Year Plug


*THIS PRODUCT SHIPS FALL 2024* We offer Patriot blueberry plants that are shipped bare-root. We recommend selecting at least two blueberry varieties for good cross-pollination that are suitable for your geographic location. 
If you are unsure of what variety to select feel free to call us or read more about it here.

* For orders of over 100 plants, call our office: (270) 432-5836 or email us: blueberrynurseryky@gmail.com

Shipping Costs:

Orders under $150 – $15.00 – $20.00 Flat Rate (Depending on State)

Orders over $150 – 10% – 20% of Total Sale (Depending on State)


Plants are shipped via UPS Ground or Priority Mail

Plant Policy

Customer satisfaction is our priority! Bluegrass Blueberries strives to provide quality patriot blueberry plants at affordable prices. We are a licensed and inspected. We sell high quality, well rooted, healthy blueberry bushes. Therefore, all sales are final. On rare occasion, it is possible for plants to become damaged in shipping or in the delivery process. If this occurs, please contact us within the first 24 hours of receiving your shipment. We will then evaluate the condition as best as we can and make a determination as to replacement.

The most common cause of a blueberry plant not thriving or surviving is incorrect pH of the soil or lack of adequate water. We gladly give advice and direction and do our best to guide you through the planting and growing of happy, healthy blueberry plants. However, a grower cannot be held responsible for the condition of stock once it has been in the customer’s care.  Please visit the “Tips and Helps” page of our website for Planting and General Care information.

All plants are subject to crop failure and damage due to natural causes. Since our nursery has no control over the care and handling that the plants receive after leaving our care, Bluegrass Blueberries gives no warranty expressed or implied as to the growth or productivity and will not in any way be responsible for the results of planting.

Availability: 500 in stock

Quantity discounts
1-99 100-499 500-999 1000+
$8.75 $7.35 $6.85 $4.95
  • Berry Size: Large
  • Maturity Height: 3-5' Open Spreading
  • Season: Early
  • Freezing Quality: Excellent
  • Berry Firmness: Firm
  • Growing Zones: 3 - 8
  • Cold Hardy: Excellent
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Unique Quality: Patriot will not Grow as Tall as Some of the Other Northern Varieties Making it Easier to Pick.
  • Plant Height: 8" and up

*THIS PRODUCT WILL SHIP SEPTEMBER 2024* Our 2 year tray grown plugs are perfect for transplanting into containers for at least one more Season of root growth. We recommend a 2 gallon pot or larger for optimal results. Grown in 21-cell trays, the roots and soil measure approximately 2.5″x3/5″ and can have 8″ of top growth or more. See attributes for specific variety characteristics.
Blueberry Plant Leaf Characteristics will vary by Season. Fall will bring color changes, spotting and general signs of beginning dormancy and Nitrogen deficiency as the fertilizer is pulled back. In late Fall and Winter, the plants may have little to no leaves. In early Spring to late Spring, the plants will begin to show new growth and in Summer, plants should show a full healthy green foliage.

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