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Area Needed For Blueberry Seeds

By March 2, 2018July 27th, 2021Uncategorized

Spring is fast approaching and has many of us excited about things to come! This time of year typically brings lots of interest and questions about growing blueberries from seed. One recent question from a sweet gal in MO we will call “G” is the inspiration for this post. She was wondering how much area to plan on for her seed beds.

Blueberry seeds are TINY little things. Here is an example: Five-thousand seeds (5,000) are approximately 2.5 teaspoons, five-hundred seeds (500) are approximately .25 teaspoons, and one-hundred seeds (100) are approximately one-twentieth of a teaspoon, or, a “pinch” as I call it. The following is a list of area recommended for the sprinkling of seeds by volume:

100 seeds – 1’x1′ area
500 seeds – 2’x3′ area
5000 seeds – 3’x10′ area

Seeds are recommended to be sprinkled over 3″ or so of moistened Peat Moss, then covered with 1/4″ of the same. Keep moist spraying or misting with water daily. They can take 2-3 months to germinate, so be patient!

ATTENTION! Please note that we are about 3 weeks behind on shipping. So any orders placed will be delayed a few weeks. We have had many orders from the summer we are trying to fulfill first. Thanks!